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The new section of The Studio Map – This is the Virtual Production corner of the main site – a guide to help film and broadcast producers find facilities suitable for turn-key virtual productions. It is an organic resource, growing and adapting as new information is available and working out how to best present the flood of innovative options.


Section 1: Large LED Volumes in the UK

First off, here is a list of selected UK studios with large LED volumes and on-site production crew.

RecodeXR Studio • Manchester, M17 1SN

“RecodeXR offers a full-service, cutting-edge Virtual Production facility.”

A LED dimensions – 12m (extendable to 16m) x 4m curved rear wall
B LED curve angle – 150-degrees
C Floor – 4800 sqft (25m x 18m)
D Height of studio to grid – 6m

E LED ceiling – Yes, 6m x 3m LED ceiling
F LED pixel spacing – 2.6mm and 3.9mm options
G Soundproof stage – Acoustically treated

Also: 4m x 2m wild walls/dolly screens


ARRI Stage London • Uxbridge, UB8 1LX

“Designed by ARRI Solutions and delivered as a collaboration between ARRI, ARRI Rental, and Creative Technology, the 708 m² stage brings together a state-of-the-art LED volume with creative software platforms, camera tracking systems, and powerful media servers to enable elevated virtual production. Camera and grip equipment packages, as well as supplementary lighting, are available onsite from ARRI Rental. Booking enquiries:

A LED dimensions – In-vision curved wall 30m x 5m, back curved wall 18m x 4.2m, side sections 3m x 4.2m
B LED curve angle – 360-degrees
C Floor – 708sqm total area
D Height of studio to grid – 7m

E LED ceiling – Yes, 9.6m x 9.6m, made up of four independently controllable sections
F LED pixel spacing – 2.3mm options
G Soundproof stage – sound-dampened ceiling


• MARS Volume • London HA4 0XT UK

“MARS Volume delivers Hollywood level virtual production technology and specialists at accessible pricing. Our decades of experience in the building blocks of virtual production technologies and track record of successfully delivering innovative client work sets us apart”.

A LED dimensions – 25.5m x 5m
B LED curve angle – 200-degrees (U-shape)
C Floor – 8000 sqft (32m x 21m)
D Height of studio to grid – 8m

E LED ceiling – Yes
F LED pixel spacing – 2.3mm
G Soundproof stage – Sound Dampened


• Virtual Production Studios by 80six • Slough, Berkshire, SL2 5EP UK

“The Virtual Production Stage is one of the largest semi-permanent LED stages in the UK available for commercial use, specifically designed with film, TV drama and commercial productions in mind”. Also: “80six’s compact xR stage is situated in a 1600 sq ft space, controlled remotely from the studio’s gallery. This ready-to-shoot stage has been pre-calibrated to enable clients to deliver live and pre-recorded productions across a range of disciplines, saving time and pre-production budget. Set in a 3500 square foot space, the curved LED screen is ideal for shooting LED for in-camera visual effects”

A LED dimensions – 18m x 4.4m
B LED curve angle – Up to 360-degrees
C Floor – 3500 sqft (36m x 24m)
D Height of studio to grid – 5.4m

E LED ceiling – Yes
F LED pixel spacing – 2.6mm
G Soundproof stage – Sound Dampened


• Garden StudiosLondon NW10 7NU UK

“Our specialized Virtual Production Stage is a 4,800 sq.ft space which offers a flexible and safe working environment and a sustainable, cost-effective filming option opening up unlimited creative possibilities. We provide an accessible option of a turnkey package that includes our dedicated studio space, permanently installed VP LED Volume, software and hardware, and a team of trained technicians to bring your project to life..”

A LED dimensions – 12m x 4m
B LED curve angle – 120-degrees
C Floor – 4800 sqft (96ft x 50ft)
D Height of studio to grid – 17’6” at eaves, 21’ at apex

E LED ceiling – Yes
F LED pixel spacing – 2.6mm
G Soundproof stage – Sound treated


“Pathway is a Manchester based 6,000 square foot virtual production studio dedicated to the creation of real-time produced media with LED volumes. With an in-house virtual art department, our studio features the latest technology from ROE Visual, with Ruby 2.3mm panels backed by HELIOS processing by Megapixel VR. The camera tracking and content rendering are handled by a Mo-Sys StarTracker and their VP Pro XR system.”

A LED dimensions – 10.5m x 4m curved rear wall (other configs available)
B LED curve angle – 52.5-degrees
C Floor – 4,250 sqft (30m x 13m)
D Height of studio to grid – 5m

E LED ceiling – Yes (optional extra)
F LED pixel spacing – 2.3mm
G Soundproof stage – Sound dampened


• Production Park Studios – XPLOR Centre for Immersive Technology  • Wakefield WF9 3NR UK

“XPLOR Centre for Immersive Technology has high-quality ROE led screen driven by disguise media servers providing unparalleled visuals and virtual environments, from tv studios to virtual locations. The Wall is made of Ruby 2.3mm and the floor Black Marble 4 Matte”. Contact:

A LED dimensions – 11m x 3m
B LED curve angle – Approx. 90-degrees (formed by both curved and flat LED panels)
C Floor – LED floor is 8.53m x 3.66m (336 sqft)
D Height of studio to grid – 7.9m

E LED ceiling – Coming soon
F LED pixel spacing – 2.3mm for walls, 4.76mm for floor
G Soundproof stage – Sound treated


• Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden • Leavesden, WD25 7LP UK

“V Stage is one of Europe’s largest virtual production stages. Offering 24,000 sq. ft. of total space, the inside will feature a 7,100-sq.-ft. wraparound virtual production environment, using a matrix of more than 2,600 LED panels integrated with a powerful, state-of-the-art processing system. Bespoke to this design is a dynamic ceiling offering an additional 5,544 sq. ft. of LED panels with eight sections that work independently of one another, lifting and tilting to provide a new level of creative scope.”

– Studio specifications coming soon


• Pinewood Studios • Iver Heath, Bucks., SL0 0NH UK

Currently booked by Disney for 2022, here are some known details of the StageCraft LED volume:  75 ft. wide x 90 ft. long x 23 ft. tall, 270-degree oval with LED doors. More details TBC.


Silvertown Studios – Royal Docks • London SE17 3PZ UK

“Silvertown Studios is a filming space well suited for Virtual Production, Film Production and TV Broadcasts. Our team can offer LED Volume sets that are linked to software so as to provide a Virtual Production platform. SIlvertown Studios is available as a dry hire or you can utilise our technology and expertise to assist you on your creative project”.
A LED dimensions – 12m x 4m
B LED curve angle – TBC
C Floor – 4090 sqft or 380sqm (20m x 19m)
D Height of studio to grid – Approx 5.25m – free-standing truss grid

E LED ceiling – Available on request
F LED pixel spacing – 2.8mm, plus assorted others
G Soundproof stage – Sound-treated


• Winnersh Film Studios (opening soon) • Wokingham, RG41 5TS UK

“Winnersh Film Studios is Stage Fifty’s second studio site in the UK. The new filming facility is just off junction 10 of the M4, 40 minutes from central London by train, and 30 minutes from Heathrow Airport. For virtual production, Fin London will be running a vertically-integrated content studio with large volume VP facilities”
A LED dimensions – 74m x 7m
B LED curve angle – 270-degrees
C Floor – 3500 sqft (60m x 50m)
D Height of studio to grid – 15m

E LED ceiling – Yes
F LED pixel spacing – TBC
G Soundproof stage – Yes




Additional Studios:

• ARRI x NEP CT Mixed Reality Studio – Details coming soon

• Pixl Studio



Section 2: Large Green Screen Studios in the UK

Dimensions sketch for green screen studios

Details coming soon for these studios featured on The Studio Map:

• dock10 • Media City, Salford, M50 2NT UK

• Sky Production ServicesOsterley, Middlesex, TW8 9EW UK

• Kinetics Space Studios • Corby NN17 4JW UK




Glossary image

Here is a glossary of virtual production terminology, published by the Visual Effects Society, with contributions from the American Society of Cinematographers, Epic Games, and Netflix.

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Very handy reference. Thank you for compiling it.

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