As published by Little White Lies, here’s a filmmakers’ guide to NYC shoots – “The Safdie brothers’ guide to shooting New York City”. The Good Time directors reveal the secret to capturing the essence of their home town on screen.

“Josh and Benny Safdie are independent sibling filmmakers who were suddenly launched into the limelight on the back of a rogue email from secret super fan Robert Pattinson. Their bleak, abrasive portraits of life on the mean streets of New York City tickled his fancy, and so he became the star of their fantastic new feature, Good Time, about a tenacious crook’s spiralling descent into hell. Here the brothers talk about treating New York as if it’s a character in the movie, but a character they have cast (like many of their actors) off the street.

Josh: “I just saw Greta Gerwig’s movie Lady Bird and it really gave me an enlightened sense of the suburban plight and the entrapment of New York City. It’s a film which looks at this the idea of what New York means in an iconic sense. Being born and raised within the bubble of New York, it’s very hard to articulate what it means as an outsider. So I can’t really speak to it. It’s really just regional for us.

 I’m always more interested in regional culture than I am in corporate or national culture. If you focus on a regional level, it’s always going to feel more human. There’s more room for error, there’s more room for voice. So, in a way, we’re very regional filmmakers. But as the saying goes, the micro can be the macro, and New York happens to be one of the most diverse places in the world, so the micro really is the macro in a sense.


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