New addition to The Studio Map – VIRTUAL PRODUCTION STUDIOS by 80six

80six, the leading video technology company providing high-end equipment and world-class technical services for virtual production, film & TV drama, live entertainment, broadcast and e-sports, has just opened their impressive facility, Virtual Production Studios.

As a semi-permanent built at 80six’s HQ in Slough, Virtual Production Studios is a state-of-the-art virtual production facility using cutting edge video technology to host unique virtual productions and events across two separate stages. Powered by LED technology and game engines, like Unreal Engine and Notch, each stage can engage an audience through immersive virtual environments using mixed and augmented reality, all controlled from a central gallery.

xR Stage – The xR stage immerses talent and performers in virtual environments where they can see and interact with the video content in real-time. Real-time engines, camera tracking, LED screens and virtual set extension are combined to transport talent into an immersive virtual environment; one where they can move around and interact in real-time with content displayed around them.

The Virtual Production Stage is one of the largest semi-permanent LED stages in the UK available for commercial use, specifically designed with film, TV drama and commercial productions in mind.

Set in a 3500 square foot space, the curved LED screen is ideal for shooting LED for in-camera visual effects. This stage has already played host to various Directors, Producers, Cinematographers, VFX houses and Production Companies for soon-to-be released shoots and demonstrations.

In addition to their studio, located near Heathrow and with good links to central London, 80six has the LED technology and expertise to build a virtual production studio or an xR studio at a client’s off-site location.

Link to the VPS page on The Studio Map here

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