New addition to The Studio Map – ARCH 160 STUDIOS

London Audio Visual Group has expanded its production services with the opening of two studio spaces in London. These studio spaces are transformable for a variety of productions, from video shoots, film & TV productions as well as Virtual Productions. The south London studio is near Borough Market and the north London studio is in High Barnet. In addition to these two spaces, London Audio Visual plans to open further studios in the coming months.

With the new studios, London Audio Visual is building on their specialization in LED technology and can kit the studio spaces out with LED products suited to their client’s needs, including XR or Virtual Production. In addition to screen options, they can also offer an in-house technical crew to assist with any Virtual Production projects.

The larger north London studio – a 16m by 7.5m space – can be transformed into any virtual world. This is an ideal space for film shoots, television productions, music videos, product launches and interactive sets. The 1200sq ft space allows a creative director to work on establishing a new augmented reality.

Background: LED SCREENS

London Audio Visual has extensive experience of working with innovative LED equipment, so as well as the space on offer, they also have in stock, large format hi-res LED screens to create an entirely new world. A project manager is on hand to discuss with clients how they wish to use the virtual production set and guide them on which LED equipment, cameras, lighting and other screens would be best suited for each project. The expert technicians will then ensure that the set-up is ready for the production shoot to take place.

In addition, if a client has a product to create a production for, but doesn’t have a visual creation in mind, then LAV is able to provide a service where they can enlist the help of working with a creative director to fabricate the vision for the product. The team can consist of anything from Director, Scriptwriter to Props and Make-up Artists. They will work with the client, by listening to what the vision is and get a feel for the message intended for the particular audience.

The studio comes equipped with a high-resolution LED screen backdrop and a large amount of AV equipment available ranging from lighting, cameras, screens, etc. LAV says the filming studio is an ideal opportunity for any of the following types of virtual filming:

• Film shoots
• Product launches
• Music production videos
• Hybrid events
• Live streaming, Conferences and Seminars
• E-commerce product show-casing
• Live broadcasts
• Interactive sets
• Social media videos
• Commercials
• Fashion catwalk filming

Link to the main web page on The Studio Map here

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