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The company behind Farnborough Film Studios, Stage Fifty, is on a mission to build new studio facilities. Their tagline  “We create space so you can create content” sums up this mission and they have an ambitious goal – reflected in their company name – of building 50 new stages as a speedy solution to the global shortage of professional production facilities.

The first studio to be built and open is Farnborough Film Studios, located southwest of London just off the M3 and conveniently situated for air travel; it’s 30 minutes from Heathrow Airport, and adjacent to the private airport in Farnborough.

The studio consists of 44,000 sq ft of stage space, formed by two 22,000 sq ft sound stages, plus 20,000 sq ft of workshops. Built in collaboration with SPANTECH, the membrane structure manufacturer, the innovative rapid-build construction technique reduced the time to create the studio and will be used on upcoming Stage Fifty facilities. Sound treated, rigged, ventilated, and production-ready in around four months, their stages are “designed and engineered to the highest professional specification and have excellent thermal and acoustic properties”.

Opened in mid-2021, one of the stages at Farnborough Film Studios has just been named after the pioneering independent TV production company, Hartswood Films, who was the first client to shoot at the studio.

Link to Stage Fifty’s website here  •   Go to Farnborough Film Studios page on The Studio Map here



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